Sports Equipment Drive 2017

Sports Equipment Drive March 15 -31, 2016

Dropoff: 131 Laurel Place, San Rafael, CA

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Along with FUN, EXERCISE, and FRIENDSHIPS youth sports has proven to help children develop self esteem, team work, responsibility, commitment, determination, humility in victory, dignity in defeat, face fear, and build character in many ways. Unfortunately, many don’t get the chance simply due to lack of sports equipment.

3 Ways you can help:

Donate sports equipment
Do know any youth orgs who need equipment?
Do you know any local businesses who may want share this event with their connections and customers?
Please join our team to help kids learn the gift of giving and development self esteem, team work, persistence, sportsmanship and all the character development sports offers.
Boys and Girls Club 

A Glove of Their Own 

Beyond the Laces 

Playing Catch With Destiny 

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