A Game Of Their Own

SPORTS EQUIPMENT DRIVE 2016 – Please help us bring opportunities to kids to develop self esteem and other life skills.

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There is a line in the book “A Glove of Their Own” where a young player gets his first baseball glove and says, “I hoped one day I’d have a glove of my own.” The only thing better than giving a glove of their own, is being the one giving it.

Why do I help children develop self esteem?
My late wife was pestering me as to why I spent so much time coaching and writing youth sports. My reply: “Laura, everything you love about me; self confidence, persistence, patience, commitment, work ethic, I got playing sports as a kid.” This is my way of giving back the gift given to me by so many coaches, players, and generous people.

“Beyond the Laces” An ill child finds hope in an unexpected performance from his star football player. This book is being bought and donated by the cases to give to hospitalized children to provide hope through kindness.

“Playing Catch With Destiny” by Michael Williamsen. A true story of a Chicago Cubs pitcher
and his choice to follow the dream of playing professional baseball or mission of helping children with sensory deficits. Minor league baseball is a game you won’t see on the big screen at the sports bar. For the players, it goes way past a game; their biggest challenges aren’t on the ball field one you’d least expect.

“A Glove of Their Own” Teaching the gift of giving. Children find old, tattered, baseball equipment and begin to play, no rulebook, no scoreboard, no coaches and no parents. An observer presents them a bag of used equipment. One player hugs a glove and says “there is nothing better than having a glove of my own.”
The next thing better than getting a glove of their own, is being the one giving it to them. This book has launched an international movement to provide used unwanted sports equipment to children to develop self esteem through sports.
The best way to support Michael’s efforts is to refer real estate business to him.


We Played Baseball

By Michael Williamsen

While struggling to reunite his broken family, young Bryan discovers that kid's

baseball is not just a game, not about baseball,

and little to do with kids.

    Coach is a very successful and powerful man

living in a world of trophies. He knows about

winning. "Hard work, sacrifice, and do whatever

you need to do to WIN. The real world only rewards

the WINNERS. The sooner you realize that, the

better off you will be."

     Mike, our assistant coach, has struck out many times in life. Baseball has given him a lot, he just lost it somewhere. He still has something to give back, and does with his not quite by the book methods of teaching us the game and learning something himself.

     Kids, coaches, and parents all bring their ambitions, frustrations, desires, and fears to clash in simply too-true and emotional baseball story.

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